Illuminate is cranking things up ahead of his Winds & Waves album, and has just announced his new single will be entitled Thang or Two. He also announced the single will feature Datin & Bizzle, and will drop May 15th. Here’s a sneak peek at the lyrics.

If I could just tell you a Thang or Two/
Livin the street life ain’t the thang to do/
I don’t been there and trusted in a banger too/
So did my dead homies, I could name a few/
Naw I’m a just let em Rest In Peace /
So take heed and go and be the Best you can be/
Spread ya wings Lil Daddy & Fly out these streets/
If you gon body anything gon and body a Beat!!

Check out his latest No Offense single here.

Buy No Offense here

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