Theody Offers Hope With Prelude

Theody Offers Hope With Prelude

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Theody is back with another rocking EP, filled with crunchy guitar riffs, strong, sure vocals, and creative lyrics.  The beginning of “Reticence” has a bit of an orchestral feel, the strings resounding strong and resolute, the drums providing a firm foundation.  After the intro, the guitar continues on in the same vein, chunky, palm-muted chords determined to launch the EP with forward momentum.  This song is a cry out to God, asking why He seems to be silent and absent in times of turmoil.

The next song, “Travesty,” explodes with a catchy, heavy guitar riff.  The well-written chorus begs to be sung along to, Lauren’s voice soaring with impeccable intonation.  The bridge creates some intrigue with a momentarily different pitch center, taking it outside what the listeners’ ears had adjusted to.  Thematically, “Travesty” requests that God not give up on us, even though we are far from perfection, regardless of our best attempts.

“Reignite” starts with some cool synth sounds, building anticipation until the rest of the band kicks it up several notches, with the drums keeping a steady, driving beat throughout.  “Reignite” sings of fighting through the struggles of life to reignite the embers of the dreams we once held.  “Tomorrow” is a more mid-tempo song, providing a bit of change from the previous songs.  And after a few songs about struggle, “Tomorrow” begins to express a light for the darkness, proclaiming that there is “hope for the broken soul.”

The EP closes out with “Perspective,” which picks things up again.  The lyrics impart an even stronger message of hope, declaring that God has always been there for us, delivering us from our fear and breaking through the fog of our struggles.

Prelude is an excellent EP filled with outstanding music and a compelling message.  The vocals are on point and the band is tight.  It is intriguing to see the progression from beginning to end.  The songs start out by speaking of struggle and darkness, but gradually realize that there is hope and a light to penetrate that darkness, perhaps a prelude of things to come.  Well-written and well performed, Prelude is a worthy addition to any Christian rock collection.

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