Don Cephas Releases 3rd Studio Album Black Exodus

Don Cephas Releases 3rd Studio Album Black Exodus

Artist-Songwriter Don Cephas releases an emotional and vulnerable presentation of art in the form of Black Exodus. The Philadelphia native’s 3rd studio album. The 27-year old, Singer/Rapper stated these songs mean the most to him out all of the songs that he has written so far in his 8 year career “because these are the songs that will expose my humanity to the world and bring me healing.’ The Father of one, took a quiet hiatus last year from music and nearly contemplating retirement, because he called “Deterioration of Mental Health, Emotionally Drained, and Seeking for answers on the truth of His Beliefs.”

“I texted the group chat that my family has, as well as my manager and others close to me and I basically told them ‘I think I’m done”, stated Overbook High School Alumni. Don continued to state that along with carrying the weight of “significant hurt” from his past that He “didnt feel like he was being effective” and felt frustrated that his music wasn’t getting recognized in the way He felt it should. “In my mind, I felt whats the point of trying to spread a message through music if piers and politics, are going to be what prevents the avenue of new and different platforms from being opportunities I get to take advantage of.”, said Don. Don said the hiatus gave him time to reflect on himself and “Seek The Father for answers”, allowing Him to get to the root of His personal issues and deciding that it was “time to heal.” Don would reach out to Producer and famed Drummer Boots Greene, who has toured with mainstream juggernauts Jay-Z, Puff Daddy, Wiz Khalifa & More, to team up with Him to create His most personal and honest offering yet.

“At this point, I was okay with not getting to that level of notoriety that I felt I deserved. It’s all about healing and the music, and hoping that I can encourage all Men, but especially my Black Brothers to not be afraid of being vulnerable and opening up their feelings. Because in our community we’ve been fed the image of toxic masculinity. We’re not told its okay to take the time and space to heal. We’re told to suck it up and are called ’emotional’ or ‘females’ and other things that hit our natural pride as men. That perpetual backfiring of expressing our emotions, leads us on that dark path of appearing emotionless and sometimes making regrettable decisions because we’re trying to find an outlet to get out how we feel, but those outlets sometimes hurts others in the process. I don’t want to be that guy anymore. I’m going to be courageous and express myself to whoever will listen, and I know my son will appreciate that example as he grows into a Man.” Don Cephas’s “Black Exodus” is Available in Digital Stores everywhere!

Source: House of Kefa Music

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