Interview With The Rock Music About New Album Your Love Remains

Interview With The Rock Music About New Album Your Love Remains

The Rock Music’s Your Love Remains album comes out on Friday through DREAM Label Group. We had the chance to chat to them about the new album, check out the interview below.


[JW] Tell us about where The Rock Church is based and how it came into being.

[TRM] The Rock Church is based in Utah where less than 3% of people claim to be evangelical Christian. We’re a non-denominational Bible believing church that loves Jesus and people. The Church started in the living room of our lead pastor in 1999. Since then, God has grown it into a healthy, thriving Church with multiple services.

[JW] What made you want to release music into the world as a church?

[TRM] We are super passionate about the importance of the local Church in a person’s walk with Christ. For us, the Church plays a key part in community, in outreach, in sanctification and of course, in worship. We truly believe that The Lord has given us a unique place in Utah where people can find both great music, and biblical teachings in one place. Our hope is that the music and the ministry of The Rock Music and of The Rock Church work together to bring strength to the believer and hope to those who don’t know Jesus.

[JW] Your new album releasing March 16th is called Your Love Remains, how did you decide upon that name?

[TRM] We have a song on the album entitled “Your Love Remains” that many of our creatives gravitated to as the title. Lyrically, it highlights the remaining love of the Lord despite our emotions or circumstances. Given that, it seemed like the natural launch pad into authentic worship.

[JW] In a Christian music world that’s dominated with worship music, how would you say Your Love Remains stands out from the many?

[TRM] I like this question! My hope is that it stands out in passion and in humility. All that to say, we are more than blessed to be a ministry that not only has a unique place in the industry, but also comes along side of any other music ministry that seeks to bring glory to Christ. We want to be servants of all who serve for the Gospel.

[JW] Take us behind the meaning of the track Open Your Eyes…

[TRM] These songs were written specifically “for The Church.” In other words, in all of these songs, our desire was to “see ourselves” in the congregation singing and responding to the Lord in song. With that, I kept asking myself: “what do I want the Church to see? What do I want the Church to walk away with after worship?” The answer is simply: “I want them to see Jesus.”

There is a tremendous power when the Church gathers together and agrees with the prayer: “Open our eyes to see Jesus”. The song begins with the position of “entering God’s gates in awe and wonder”… it continues to proclaim… “open our eyes to see Jesus… how beautiful, how wonderful”.

[JW] Which song on Your Love Remains are you most excited for the world to hear?

[TRM] HAHAHA!! I think it depends on the day. I’m honestly most excited for the world to experience the entire album as a whole. The reason I say that is because it was written to be received as a work, and less as individual songs.

[JW] How can the global church be better at reaching the lost?

[TRM] I pray about this often. In my life I have appreciated so many brothers and sisters and their examples of faith. With that said, one of my personal heroes is Billy Graham. His example to unashamedly preach Jesus without exception, embarrassment, or distraction; combined with personal moral integrity has changed the world by God’s power.

Simply put: teach what Jesus said- live like you believe it; with humility, integrity, and compassion.

[JW] How can our readers be praying for The Rock Music over the coming months/year?

[TRM] Please pray what Moses prayed for the nation of Israel: “Lord, make our efforts successful”.

It is in God’s hand- measureable success I mean. But, we long to be used by God in mighty ways. Also, THANKS for praying for us.

[JW] And the most important question, does pineapple belong on a pizza?

[TRM] Never!

[JW] Thanks for talking to us today guys, any other comments?

[TRM] Thanks so much for these questions. I suppose I would simply like to mention to all those who are working to bring about the truth of who Jesus is and the power of the Gospel: “We are for you, and are your partners in sharing truth- keep at it!”


Pre-order Your Love Remains here

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