Brightline Launch Kickstarter for new EP - walking on waves

Brightline Launch Kickstarter for new EP

Two years on from their Life In Full Motion EP, Brightline have launched a kickstarter campaign to fund their brand new EP. They still need to raise roughly $3000 in the next 17 days to make it happen. Fans can help by either financially backing it, sharing it or praying for the campaign…or all of those!

More information and the campaign video can be found on the Kickstarter page below, and be sure to check out their two most recent videos below too.

Music is a powerful tool! It has the ability to gather people from different backgrounds towards a common goal, to enjoy the music.

It has been 2 years since we released our last e.p “Life In Full Motion”, but now we’ve got some new songs that we want to share with the world!

For us, it is so much more than the music, we want to bring a message of hope and life to a hurting world, we want to see young peoples lives transformed and we believe that is possible through the good news of Jesus.

This is our best product to date and we really believe there is a clear message throughout it. We’ve been testing it and we can’t wait for people to be able to listen to it.

Maybe as you read this, you have no faith at all, but you like music or maybe you do have a faith, but the whole indie pop vibe isn’t your thing. Whatever the reason you’re helping out, thank you! We appreciate the fact you took time support us in bringing this message of hope!

Our aim is to raise at least £3000, but we don’t really want to stop at that! We want to be able to release music videos, vinyls (yes we would LOVE to have this e.p on vinyl) as well as have a launch party to celebrate!

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