The First Fruits of At Home Are Indeed Good

The First Fruits of At Home Are Indeed Good

Dave Hanson and Alina Lewandowska have the Atlanic Ocean dividing them, yet that hasn’t stopped them from creating a side project full of variety from the harder rock songs to the ones with a softer side that is their side project, At Home.  No distance or depth can stop God’s love, and sometimes no length, no matter how great, can stop the creation of good rock music.

Dave is the vocalist and a guitarist from the band In The Verse.  This band already had a series of #1 songs and a strong debut album under their belts.  Alina is the vocalist for the Christian Rock band from Poland called I.N.D. Both of these Christian Rock forces combined have the potential to create a strong collaboration for the genre.

“Word of God” is a powerful rock song that affirms the authority and might of the word of God in our lives and in the entire universe.  Even the timing of the percussion in the chorus emphasizes the importance of every letter and syllable breathed by God to guide our lives.  Alina’s vocals have just enough grit and power to carry this message without getting too rough.

“If You Proclaim” is a great example of how Alina can switch from that slightly raspy style singing to something more smooth and haunting.  This is a perfect song to have that haunting style of vocals since the lyrics of verse one have that comforting feeling and sense of security similar to Isaiah chapter 43.  In fact the song even starts with the familiar words of Isaiah 43, “Don’t fear for I have redeemed you, I have summoned you by name, you’re mine.”  She returns to more assertive style vocals for the chorus since she is in fact trying to emphasize, “Hey! You can rise from the darkness.”

“Break the chain” is a great example of At Home’s ability to be diverse and deliver not just good hard rock songs, but also songs that slow down a bit with a great praise music feel.  Lyrics that speak about surrendering to God and crying out to him are perfect to sing along with to remind us to continually surrender to God.

“Bow Down” is a perfect song for worship.  It keeps an upbeat feel while speaking about praising Jesus, and it takes a moment in the bridge to rock out a little harder for our Lord.  This song paints a great image of all of God’s children together singing to their father in heaven.

The songs Dave Hanson and Alina Lewandowska have delivered so far have shown that this side project has the potential to bring about a lot of good Christian rock songs full of great riffs, powerful vocals, and lyrics that glorify God.  Not even distance and vast seas can stop these good pieces of music from being created.

Check out the lyric video for “Word of God” below and stay tuned for their debut album later this year.

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