Nine Lashes have released the lyric video for their upcoming new single Breaking Out. Check it out above.

Breaking Out is an expression of the idea that peace comes in unpredictable forms and from unpredictable places.

The are countless stories of people who have achieved every dream they’ve ever chased and are empty and restless. Then there are those who never quite saw a dream come to pass, and yet they kiss their kids at night and sleep more soundly than the richest, most successful people out there.

The hope that we find in Christ is much the same way. He presents a mystery to us that whoever wishes to clutch this life, control it, bend it to fit their plans and desires, they will lose that life. But those to give that life up are the ones who truly discover it. Hope and peace are in Jesus Christ. Don’t clutch this life and this world so tightly that you miss true peace and eternal life.

Breaking Out is available for Pre-Order now, and releases next Friday February 16th. It’s also the first single from the band’s forthcoming album. Stay plugged in to their social medias for the latest updates on it.

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