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Worship Leader & Dove Award Nominee Todd Agnew Launches Worship Team Weekend Conference

Chart-topping, seven-time Dove Award-nominated worship leader and singer/songwriter Todd Agnew has launched a new Worship Team Weekend Conference, designed to help worship leaders discover, build and apply a biblical theology of worship.

 Agnew, who teaches worship theology and worship leadership at Visible Music College in Dallas, developed the event after observing that many worship leaders learned their craft by watching other worship leaders lead. While this process is great for teaching people how to lead worship, it often fails to impart what worship is, and what the Bible says about worship.

“Before I recorded my first album, and before songs like ‘Isaiah 6,’ ‘Grace Like Rain,’ and ‘My Jesus’ played on the radio, I was leading worship for churches, youth camps–basically anywhere anyone would let me,” says Agnew. “I did that for years before I started asking the right questions: What is worship? What worship does God desire? What does the Bible say about worship?”

 With the goal of helping worship leaders discover a scriptural and theological basis for their worship leading, Agnew has created a two-day Worship Team Weekend Conference that churches can host for pastoral and worship leadership teams, singers, musicians, and support staff. Topics covered during the event include the importance of building on a solid foundation of a biblical theology of worship; developing a holistic theology of worship; and building a worship ministry on that foundation. Agnew will also present a concert at the sponsoring venue, and is available to preach in the host church’s Sunday service on the theme of worship.
“My goal is that this conference will start worship leaders and worship teams on a journey to build a biblical theology of worship that will undergird personal and corporate worship for years to come,” says Agnew. “It’s not merely an academic undertaking, it’s a life-changing and life-giving event.”
To book Todd Agnew or the Worship Team Weekend Conference, visit For more information and a downloadable brochure about Todd Agnew and the Worship Team Weekend Conference, visit

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