Sing Through the Bible...are singing their way through the Bible!

Sing Through the Bible…are singing their way through the Bible!

So, can you sing your way through the Bible? I hear you ask. Well Sing Through the Bible seem to answer that question with an unequivocal yes!  I mean, they’ve only gone and done it!

1 Girl. 1 Year. 365 original songs straight from Scripture.

Now, I’d say that’s pretty impressive…and it is, but to do it so the end results are top notch? that’s the real achievement here! Check out the videos on her YouTube channel, today’s one can be seen below.

Some songs are quiet and simple, some are loud, fun and funky but all of the song lyrics for each video were/are pulled from each day’s passage in the One Year Bible.

Can it get better? Yes, yes it can. The girl behind Sing Through the Bible is a girl named Amy Treadwell Toy and her pure joy and excitement about this calling God’s placed on her life is, quite simply, catchy. Below is a video she released to introduce the project and if you can watch it and not smile and want to check out the videos/find out more then I highly suggest you see a doctor! Watch it to find out more about Amy, the calling behind it all, and how you can support them.

Talia Comer AIRO

As if that all wasn’t amazing enough, they’ve only completed phase 1 and are now working on phase 2 (more on that in the video above).

To that end, Sing Through The Bible recently partnered with AIRO, a pop worship band from Washington DC for a new song & video. AIRO’s made up of Keith & Talia Comer, and between them they have many years of experience in the Christian music world, with Keith being formerly of Manic Drive and Talia being formerly of Seventh Day Slumber. The duo also run their ministry Go & Shine together, more on that can be found here.

While the release date of the video is unknown at this point, I can tell you the verse it’s for is 1Samuel 15:22-23, it’s awesome (I’ve just heard it!) and AIRO have released the following preview…

So it turns out you can sing through the Bible! And you can do it well, in a fun and creative way! Who knew? What an amazing book the Bible is, and what an amazing project Amy’s taken on! The moment Talia Comer told me they were about to partner with Sing Through the Bible I LOVED them, and you will do too! Be sure to get plugged into Sing Through the Bible’s social medias, and AIRO’s, below to make sure you don’t miss the video when it comes out, and all future videos from Sing Through the Bible. Rock on Amy (and Brandon!).

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