Philippa Hanna Starts Inspiration 365; Posting Daily New Videos

Philippa Hanna Starts Inspiration 365; Posting Daily New Videos

Philippa Hanna’s doing something new this year. Every single day she is/will be posting a new video on her YouTube channel discussing different topics. You can check out the videos so far, and subscribe to her channel, below. Want to suggest a topic for her to cover on her Inspiration 365 series? Suggest it to her in the video comments or through her social medias.

Philippa Hanna says about the series…

Hey all! Welcome to 2018 and a BRAND NEW project for me…. MY FIRST YOUTUBE SERIES!!

For anyone new here, I’m a singer-songwriter and share my story through music. I try to be honest and write songs about things that help people, and this year I thought I’d take it a little further…

My plan is to post daily videos to keep YOU guys going with your journey, (fingers crossed). I know how hard it can be to stay motivated and positive in life. So I’m dedicating this year to giving you EVERYTHING I can to boost you! I’ll be sharing personal stuff, music stuff and fun stuff too…

Make sure to subscribe to my channel and hit the notification bell so you don’t miss the videos! //

Philippa’s new album Come Back Fighting is now available.

Buy Come Back Fighting here

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