Wandering and Wondering: The Process That Brings Purpose is the latest book from speaker and author Dr. Randall Worley. This is Worley’s second book; his first book Brush Strokes of Grace: Finding Grace in a Graceless World was released in 2015. Bill Johnson, author and Senior Leader of Bethel Church, Redding CA, wrote the Foreword to Dr. Worley’s first book. Brush Strokes of Grace also received several endorsements from prominent church leaders including Bishop Mark Chironna and can be purchased here.

Wandering and Wondering: The Process That Brings Purpose released October 2017 and also comes with great reviews. New York Times bestselling author Ted Dekker left this review for Dr. Worley’s new book –

    “Stepping beyond the powerless platitudes of religion into the process of radical transformation, Randall Worley offers us the journey of a lifetime–from wandering to wonder, from striving to rest. Deeply felt and transparent. This is the stuff we need to hear. If you feel like the winds of life too often work against you rather than for you, read this book and reset your sails. Freedom and peace await.”

I have been blessed with the opportunity to listen to Dr. Worley speak at New Covenant Christian Church, in Wilkesboro, NC,  several times. This time his visit fell on the Sunday before Martin Luther King Day and in his message he drew a parallel between Dr. King’s teachings on non-violence and the life of Jesus Christ. You can watch a brief recap of Dr. Worley’s message in the discussion he has with our Pastor Scott Frazier in the video below. You can watch the entire message on YouTube here.

Dr. Worley often describes the process of life that brings purpose as a dance instead of a straight line from Point A to Point B. In his new book Wandering and Wondering he speaks of the mysteries we uncover in our dance with destiny that we wouldn’t have discovered any other way. This passage from his book is very meaningful and practical to me –

“The quality of our lives improves significantly when we accept that there are things we can control and things we can’t. Having peace when our priorities are disrupted means taking control only of those things you can control.”

Dr. Worley also beautifully explains the difference in working for the Lord and working with Him. He expresses how working “for” God can bring exhaustion and burnout while working “with” Him brings the promise of rest when we let Him lead us. Purchase Wandering and Wondering: The Process That Brings Purpose from Amazon here.

After the service this morning, two good friends sit to recap todays message. Be blessed as you listen to our Pastor Scott Frazier, along with our friend and today’s speaker, Dr. Randall Worley, as they converse over this message that has stirred the House!

Posted by New Covenant Christian Church on Sunday, January 14, 2018



Author Bio
Dr. Randall Worley is an author, speaker and life coach. Randall travels internationally, speaking on relevant kingdom issues and provides consultation to churches and business leaders. He and his wife of 39 years, Penny, have three sons and five grandchildren.

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