PK One Day Releases A Visual For New Single Overflow

There is something special in the works with Atlanta based PK One Day and their newest single release entitled OVERFLOW. The visual tells the story of two roommates (played by Patrick Martel and Michael Nelder) living parallel lives attempting to balance their earthly endeavors with spiritual truths. One man thrives in his transition while another suffers in silence. A combination of poetry and song are used to create a dichotomy between the heavens and hells of faith. The story ends without conclusion as life is a journey that continues until death. Mike Pk talked about the song as follows: “The song isn’t for a specific group it’s for everyone who has felt like me. I think too often we feel like we are alone in struggling with our issues and if anyone found out we would be cast away because our sins are horrific But there’s hope and I know this video and spoken word will be a voice for those who don’t know how to address these issues.”

This is the first installment of the group’s new Power+Knowledge initiative. Using music and story as a vehicle, the 4 time Grammy nominated group desires to transform lives by displaying circumstances in a way that provokes action. In a recent interview at a southern California studio, co-founder Brian Taylor speaks to the new focus as “extending their knowledge of life through the gift of music Please view the song/video below and visit our site to find out more about PK ONEDAY.


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