JesusWired Welcomes Natalie Martinez to the JesusWired team

JesusWired Welcomes Natalie Martinez to the JesusWired team

We’re delighted to welcome Natalie Martinez to the JesusWired team of contributors. Natalie’s a talented young photographer and she’ll be shooting shows for us. We look forward to working with her to promote bands’ live work!

Natalie’s bio and what she says about joining JesusWired can be seen below…


My Bio:

“Never understood a lot about the world…music is one of the only things that makes any sense.” – Austin Carlile

I’m what some might consider a ‘black sheep’ to Christianity. I really am the definition of “never judge a book by its cover.” I’m just someone who has an intense passion for Jesus, music, headbanging, and photography. I love going to concerts and promoting/shooting mine and your favorite bands/artists. I hope to use this platform to show people that no matter what your past is, or how you look, or how you think; that there is someone who always understands and that someone is God.

Why I’m excited to join the team:

I am beyond excited to join the team and show God’s love through my photography! I look forward to seeing how everyone expresses themselves as well.


Welcome to the team Natalie!

You can connect with Natalie’s photography website here.

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If you’re reading this, you’re a good and reliable writer or a talented photographer, and you would be interested in writing for us or shooting concerts for us, or even joining the JesusWired staff and helping behind the scenes, then please feel free to contact us here.