Ian Zumback - The Story Behind The Table Cover // Join Ian Zumback at "The Table"

Ian Zumback – The Story Behind The Table Cover

Old Bear Records is so excited to announce that today we reveal the cover to Ian’s brand new record called “The Table”!  The physical copies will be ready to ship and release on February 2nd!  You can buy the digital copy today through our web store.   This record is killer and is perfect for the winter season.

We caught up with Ian and asked him to share with us why he chose the cover for “The Table”…

“When I first saw the cover art for “The Table” that Sarah Bridgeman (creative director at Old Bear Records) had put together; I thought it perfectly captured the essence of the title track and album themes.

First, the fact that the actual table in the photo is set in the middle of a thicket with dead and dying foliage around it is so symbolic to me.  That at the Table of God, He offers us Life even in the middle of environments where death surrounds.  I love that there are hues of green added around the table which is a color often used to symbolize the idea of life springing forth.

Second, there’s nothing on the table itself.  That is important to me because it broadens the diversity of provisions made at the Table of God.  The provisions of grace, forgiveness, and a new start are always served at the Lord’s table for those willing to partake of it.  But there are provisions made by God at His Table that are specific to each guest who comes and dines there.  To the addict, there is provision of freedom.  To the lonely, there is provision of friendship.  To the disappointed, there is provision of comfort.  With nothing depicted on the table on the cover art; we’re leaving room for God to prepare the table how He sees fit – I believe it to be symbolic of the provisions made to the listeners who hear this album.  That God has provisions there in the lyrics that are specific to each person’s situation in addition to the foundation that undergirds every song which is a promise that leads to life giving hope through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  

Finally, my friend and producer, Chris Hoisington pointed out that the table in the photo is very unassuming; and isn’t that just how Jesus is?  The religious people of Jesus’ time expected the Messiah to come to them in militaristic power and kingly glory; yet Jesus came as an unassuming Servant.  And that’s how I want this album to approach the listeners; especially those who are interested in the person of Jesus but haven’t decided yet whether to accept His invitation to them to join Him at the Table. I want it to approach them as if the melodies and lyrics came through the gates of their hearts riding on a humble donkey – not charging into their hearts like a song riding a war horse. 

I’m so thankful for Sarah’s inspired cover art.  In fact – I can attribute our naming the album “the Table” to Sarah.  She’s the first person to have suggested it after hearing the full album and felt it best represented the collective work.”

Source: Old Bear Records

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