The Eccentric Sheep Musings: My Challenge to You for 2018

I have a challenge for you this next year.  I challenge you to get out of your comfort zone for God.  I want you to try something you never thought you would for the sake of the gospel.

One thing I have tried to keep as a goal these last few years is to look for ways to reach out of my comfort zone with my personal outreach work.  Writing is easy, even writing boldly on taboo subjects on public forums isn’t that hard for me.  Other forms of outreach do not come as easy, on the other hand.  That is why when opportunities have come up, I have tried to brush back the fear and get a little uncomfortable for the sake of God and my personal mission.

I have spoken on a local television news program about self harm.  I have made videos for YouTube based on my writings.  This past year I tried out a new one…speaking on stage in front of people.

If I had a nickel for every time I said, “I am a writer, not a speaker.  That is not what I am meant for,” I could probably retire.  The opportunity to try out speaking on stage via open mics came up this year, so I went for it.  Honestly the first time a friend had to read my poetry for me.  I have never felt so naked and exposed as I did having my poetry read out loud on stage.  I did get myself up on that stage the next time, as well as several more times this year.

I spoke at 2 church services at a local church about how Disciple has impacted me and how important people who decide to book them are to stories like mine.  I had the honor or briefly speaking at my local date for the Long Live the Rebellion Tour before Rapture Ruckus played.

Speaking on stage at a Disciple show was not something I had planned for this year back in January 2017.  The year always takes us down trails we weren’t expecting though doesn’t it?

God once asked me, “This seems very important to you.  If it’s that important to you, what are you willing to do for it?”  And I said ANYTHING.  I have tried to keep that promise to this day.

Today I challenge you to reach out of your comfort zone for the gospel in 2018.  There are many hurting people out there.  Many of them are saying things online such as, “This is it, when I get home tonight I’m going to be killing myself.”  If you wait too long to get up and reach out, I tell you that some of these people will be gone and it will be too late.

Are you ready to get up now?