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Exclusive Video Premiere: The Merry Shout – He Has Come

We’re absolutely delighted to bring to you today the exclusive premiere of The Merry Shout’s lyric video for their new Christmas single “He Has Come,” out today. Songwriter Tre Carn, the person behind The Merry Shout, had this to say about the premiere, “JesusWired is one of the premiere influencers in Christian music. I’m overly excited to have the video debut on their site.” 

So, without further ado, here it is…

Please be sure to let us know what you think of the video and song in the comments below and to share this article with as many people as possible. JesusWired is the only place you’ll be able to see this video for the next 4 days. The single is out today and can be picked up HERE. More information about The Merry Shout and He Has Come can be found below.

Mosaic Rain Recordings is happy to announce the explosively infectious Holiday Hymn He Has Come” from artists’ collective The Merry Shout. The Merry Shout, a mixture of handpicked online musicians and vocalists is the brainchild of songwriter Tre Carn. After auditioning hundreds of musicians online, Carn settled on a myriad of players from diverse musical backgrounds to help culminate his spiritual vision.

When conceptualizing “He Has Come”, Carn and co-writer Rich Berger were committed to taking an old school approach by seeking out the right combination of highly trained session players who could extract a relatable sense of passion from their instruments. “If you’re going to show divine appreciation in a song celebrating the birth of Jesus it must be emotionally constructed” – says Carn.

With elements of Soul, Gospel, Country, and Southern Rock, “He Has Come” and it’s repetitive refrain “Hail Jesus” are sure to have many a congregation shouting in the aisles.

“In the end we just hope we’ve made the Lord proud and have given every parishioner, ministry leader and child of God a special song of praise to share with their family this Holiday season or in their place of worship”.

“He Has Come” is currently being serviced to Christian and Holiday radio formats via PlayMPE. “He Has Come” is released everywhere today, December 1st.

Source: Mosaic Rain Recordings

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