Brant Hansen Declares Blessed Are The Misfits With New Book

Brant Hansen Declares Blessed Are The Misfits With New Book

If you have ever felt that you don’t fit into modern church culture, if you feel that perhaps you’re doing the whole “Christian” thing wrong, or maybe that everyone else has it wrong, this book is for you.

Not for the easily offended, Brant Hansen takes a look at what has made him feel like a misfit by sharing stories from his life and the timeless truths learned from them. This nonfiction Christian book takes a closer look at the type of people that make up the Kingdom of God and the dynamics of it. The Kingdom is far from from perfectly put together. In reality, it is full of messed up folks like you and I, and the glimpses of the Kingdom on earth are found where we least expect them to be.

Hansen addresses those in the church who struggle in quiet desperation with things like depression and loneliness and encourages them with hope and truth. Theology in terms that is accessible to everyone makes the book an easy read, as if the author is a close friend who tells it like it is. Brant’s bluntness is a nice touch to the pages of the text, and there is enough diversity across the chapters that anyone can find something to relate to and learn from.

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