Chris Rodrigues and Abby the Spoon Lady caught my eye and my ear a few weeks ago while scrolling through Facebook I came across their video for #PlayMusicOnThePorchDay and they were on the front porch playing the song Angels In Heaven. The song struck a chord in my spirit as I listened to it and I shared it on Facebook and Twitter. A week or so after that the video on Facebook had over 17 million views so apparently it touched a lot of other people too. I discovered later that they are popular street musicians in the beautiful mountain town of Asheville, North Carolina. You can learn more about Abby The Spoon Lady and Chris Rodrigues and watch the live music video for Angels in Heaven here.

At the time the video came out Chris and Abby told me that they were working on a gospel folk album. The new album WORKING ON WALL STREET is now available for purchase. The music video below Don’t Let the Devil Ride is a song on the new album as well as Angels in Heaven. Abby had this to say about Don’t Let the Devil Ride “The devil will constantly be asking for a ride, but don’t let him in… and certainly don’t let him drive! GOD BLESS.” 

You can watch another video for #PlayMusicOnThePorchDay above, Soldier in the Army of the Lord. As Chris states on his Facebook page “Life is an everyday battle with the devil, so grab your shield and fight with the right army.


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