In 1950, an estimated eighty percent of Christians in the world lived in western countries, like the United States and the United Kingdom. In less than seventy years, the world has changed immensely. In fact, according to experts, Christianity will grow to 2.6 billion people. However, half of Christians will now come from African and Latin countries. Another 17 percent will be in Asia. Christianity will remain the world’s largest religion.

One phenomenon that is occurring from this change in Christianity is that African church leaders are training missionaries to do work overseas in the United Kingdom. An author for an article in Quartz dubbed this “reverse missionaries.”

Although the United Kingdom is the birthplace of Anglicanism and Methodism and is home to some of the most beautiful churches in the world, many of those churches are practically empty. In 1900, the percentage of the population who identified as Christians and belonged to a church was right around 30 percent. Experts predict that the percentage of the UK’s population who are Christians could drop down to 8% by the end of the decade. They also predict that the Church of England could cease to exist by 2033.

In order to spread the world of the Christian faith, missionaries from Africa and other countries where Christianity is thriving are going to England instead. Emmaus International, a Bible Correspondence School in Iowa that offers courses all over the world has witnessed hearts and lives transformed through God’s word all across the world.

According to Emmaus International:

  • Its courses are now in more than 100 countries all over the world – many of them are in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.
  • Digital content and internet resources have made the world much smaller. Most people in the world can now access Christian publications, courses, sermons, and other media.
  • The rise of Christianity in these countries presents a unique opportunity for Christianity to once again flourish in countries where membership has dropped



Source: Webimax

More info. on Emmaus International can be found here

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