Gorilla Radio Promo presents Ascending King

Gorilla Radio Promo presents Ascending King

Ascending King releases “Moon Of The Dead” to radio stations across the country

Ascending King formed under the vision of the brainchild, Ruah, who began his musical career in 1999 as the vocalist for the band Dryline (Zero Sum Recordings) until 2008, when the act disbanded.  In 2015, Ruah formed Ascending King and released “Genesis of Desolation”, the project’s debut single. In 2016, Ruah began recording Ascending King’s debut EP and signed to Nosral Recordings in 2017 as the label’s first band. The EP, “Funeral of a Species” released August 22nd, marking Ascending King’s debut and first release on Nosral Recordings.

The EP is conceptual, pertaining to the last days on Earth, which will lead to the Great Battle. An interpretation of God’s word.

“This is the end of everything.”

Source: Gorilla Media

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