There’s no need to sugar-coat the truth, societal discord and relations among humanity have hit epidemic levels of division. It’s a sad departure from God’s word, and one that seriously threatens the future of humanity.

However, as secularism is on the rise, Christian warriors remain and continue to battle for the only life that really matters – a life submitted to God. In her new book, ‘Give Him What He Cannot Give To Himself’, Ugandans -born Betty Amiina shares a collection of her songs and prose so anyone can become a child of the Lord.


It come to my mind to write this book. I have been writing songs for three years, one morning as I was on a bus going to clean the church I had a strong feeling to publish a book about them. At first it didn’t make sense to me, my question was, is it possible? I wondered how it will be. But I kept on hearing the same thing, then I thought maybe it’s time to tell the world know that this is the time to worship God. He gives us so much, so what can we give Him? He owns everything and He can do all things but one thing I know, He cannot praise Himself. The reason He created us to praise Him, to give Him glory. If you can sing, sing and if not, then you can still tell God something beautiful as you read this book.

“Over the years I’ve come to see and know that millions require guidance on their life journey, as well as their quest to grow closer to God and their faith,” explains the author. “I, too have had my struggles, growing up with no formal education and with a hate in my heart for my Father. Through God’s love and direction I overcame my adversity and know that anyone else can do the same.”

Continuing, “The beauty of this book is that it leaves enough room for readers to interpret the songs as they see fit, mould the book around their own lives and ultimately dictate the most appropriate faith-based journey for them.”

With the volume’s demand expected to increase, interested readers are urged to secure their copies without delay.


‘Give Him What He Cannot Give To Himself’ is available now:

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About the Author:

Amiina means let it be, I was born in Uganda but currently in United Kingdom. My studies I only completed primary education, it took a long time for me to forgive my father for not giving education. I remember my mother looking helpless, she wanted to support me but she couldn’t, because she was not able to afford it. I remember one time hatred crept into my heart and I felt like I hated my father I tried had to tell myself that I loved him but it was hard. Back in Uganda I remember asking myself, how long will I continue to blame my father for what he did not do? My consolation was, at least he gave birth to me, he could have chosen not to, but still I didn’t forgive him. Then One day after a long time in this country, I sat down and I spoke to myself these words, Daddy everything you have ever done to me I have forgiven you., it’s like he was sitting beside me. I felt so good and I was not heavy any more, I felt my windows were opened and God could now hear me! No doubt there is a blessing attached to a father. After settling that matter I went to God and asked Him to be my teacher, one night I had a dream where I was reading , and on the table, there was a lamp and I saw a finger running through pages. God is the best teacher.


Source: Betty Amiina

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