A recent Barna Research study revealed that eight in ten moms said they were overwhelmed by stress, and that mothers are twice as likely as women without kids to become stressed to the point of physical illness. Author and Bible study teacher, May Patterson, knows this first-hand. In her new book, Seeking a Familiar Face,” Patterson describes dark days of misery and bitterness in her “picture perfect” life that eventually led to a crisis of faith.

“I grew up in the very heart of the South—in church every Sunday— and out of touch with God,” says Patterson. “Instead, I focused on the rules: all that I should do (a long, ever-changing list). I focused on myself: being happy, having good times, hanging out with friends, but it was never enough. I married my best friend, Mike, and yet it was still not enough. Gingerly, I slipped down the spiral of frustration toward the pit of bitterness thinking, ‘I deserve so much more.’ And then one day, I did get more. I had a two year old and then twin boys. My goal of a fun life evaporated quickly in the presence of dirty diapers and forced insomnia. Those rules I grew up revering seemed pretty unimportant. I was barely surviving. I loved my family too much to leave, so I stayed and was miserable—lucky them. This crisis finally drove me to reach out to God, because obviously, I had missed something with Him—the joy of connection.”

In “Seeking a Familiar Face,” Patterson breaks the chapters into several sections including a short vignette from her own personal life, a first-person narrative from ten different biblical figures, practical advice on each topic, as well as questions that can be used as a Bible study guide. In fact, “Seeking a Familiar Face” was actually birthed from a Bible study that Patterson wrote and first taught in 2014, and she says there is an important reason that the Bible includes over 50 references to “seeking God.”

“I wrote this book because I don’t want anyone to miss a single blessing God has in store for them. No one has to feel distant from God, like I did. No one has to suffer that kind of growing emptiness and quiet desperation in their soul. God wants so much more for our lives than that. Intimacy with God has radically changed my attitude, dreams, and goals—my entire life. I realize that I could have missed this. I could have wasted my whole life feeling distant from God and empty. By seeking, I’ve found a loving God who I now realize has been seeking to connect with me, all along.”

About May Patterson:

maypattersonlean.jpgMay Patterson has been writing and teaching bible study classes for years. Her new book, “Seeking a Familiar Face,” was birthed from a Bible study she wrote in 2014 called “A Time to Seek.” She was trained in small group dynamics for over ten years at Bible Study Fellowship, serving as a leader for four years. She has written for several magazines including Focus on the Family, Upper Room Magazine and Shattered Magazine, among others. She received a degree in marketing from Lipscomb University in Nashville, TN. She resides with her husband of 30+ years, Mike, in Huntsville, Alabama. They have three grown children. For more information, visit www.maypatterson.com.


Source: Gina Adams PR

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