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Jo’s Devotions: What do you think of a nightclub for Christians?

Apparently, some Christians feel left out of the ‘fun’ that their secular friends are having and are contemplating opening a ‘Christian-like’ nightclub-no alcohol or secular music, just gospel music and soft drinks on church basis.

I heard this question on a radio show and I couldn’t help but wonder where the idea even came from. Are Christian youth feeling too bored these days that we have to imitate the world’s form of entertainment to keep busy? What next, pool parties for the church youth during Easter?

Believers are missionaries-we are to go into the world to tell people the Good News that God loved us so much that He sent His only Son to come and die in our place for our redemption. He is risen with arms wide open, ready to receive anyone who comes to Him-a task most of us are doing a lackadaisical job at. We are to let our light so shine before men that people will see our good works and give glory to God in heaven and what do we see today? It’s actually a puzzle set at ‘difficult level’ to recognize some people as Christians. They talk, dress and live just like unbelievers and yet would identify themselves as active members in their churches. Instead of being called the children of the Light, all sorts of unpleasant names are being used to describe us-hypocrites being the cleanest of them.

But yet, God remains faithful and gracious to us. Instead of shedding off our lukewarm attitudes and going all out for God just as he did and continues to do for us, here we are considering setting up nightclubs!

I’m not against Christians hanging out, listening to music and bonding. It’s great. I’m just not enthused about the ‘nightclub’ tag. The truth is, some of the Christians we have among us are already half-baked with funny understandings of Biblical principles and questionable lifestyles and philosophies. Interestingly, they have the luring power to draw conservative folks over to their side. Give them a platform like a ‘Christian nightclub’ and only God knows where that would lead the youth.

One caller into the radio show said we already have a nightclub called ‘All Night Service’ where we sing, pray and fellowship and I couldn’t agree more with her. If church youth leaders think their members are not showing interest in their programs, then they should find more creative ways to do that by including them in drawing the programs and encouraging them to take charge of certain things. But a ‘nightclub’?

I do want to believe that the idea came from a well-intentioned heart but let’s not give the devil a leeway to adulterate our way of worship. My two cents.

What do you think? If you share a different opinion, kindly do share and let’s think it through together.

Thanks for reading.


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