Final Surrender releases Nothing But Void to radio stations across the country.

Forming in the blistering cold Winter of 2010, Final Surrender is the collective effort of five young, yet extremely talented musicians on a journey to push the envelope of progressive metalcore. Upon their formation, the band released two independent E.P.s, toured their native homeland extensively, and developed a rabid, loyal fanbase that reaches beyond India’s borders. The result of the band’s hard work and dedication led them to inking a deal with Indiana’s Rottweiler Records.  After their 2012 signing, Final Surrender announced they would be entering the studio with former Evanescence drummer, Rocky Gray to record their second full-length release, Empty Graves.

Influenced from everything by metalcore giants August Burns Red to prolific progressive masters Meshuggah, Final Surrender are a dynamic blend of gut busting heaviness and razor-sharp metallic riffing. Harsh, grating vocals soar over top of labyrinthine, winding riffing and break-neck speed drumming, leaving the listener in nothing but the purest state of shock and awe. What’s just as awe-inspiring is the band’s commitment to God and spreading love and forgiveness. This is evident in their brand new single “Nothing But Void,” from the release of the same name, releasing January 13th, 2017. “Nothing But Void” is a transparent look at the realities of faith and encourages listeners to renew their lives through the warmth and light of faith, to soldier on through the hardest of times, and to never surrender.


Source: Gorilla Media

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