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Deraj & RMG announce “Goodish” EP releasing September 15th

Reflection Music Group and Deraj announce the Goodish EP, releasing September 15, 2017.

Often times in hip hop, sonic trends dictate the course of popular music, so it’s always refreshing when an artist emerges with his own distinct style and point of view. The multi-talented Deraj has played by his own rules, offering his listeners a diverse musical palette that unabashedly spans alternative, hip-hop, trap, pop and future bass. His empowering messages and passionate delivery are consistently relatable as they tackle everyday struggles, faith and triumph. “I always want people to be able to feel encouraged that they are not the only ones that may be dealing with the internal dialogue about life struggles,” he says. “I want people to feel like my story is their story.”

The project will be an EP that describes a place where things aren’t where you want them to be, but they aren’t as bad as they could be. This is a place where anxiety and pressure comes but there is still goodness within it. Deraj is learning to be comfortable with who he is and going against the status-quo and he knows that so many of his listeners can relate to that. Each song on Goodish will touch the great, goodish, and not so good. One of the largest lessons Deraj wants to convey is that unless you’re able to go deep and be open, you can’t make change. This melodic album is an introduction to exactly who Deraj is.

Goodish releases September 15th and is now available for pre-order.

Goodish track list
1. Goodish (feat. Eris Ford)
2. Unperfect
3. Lose It All (feat. Serge)
4. I Need You (feat. Quinten Coblentz)
5. Hold You Down (feat. GRNA)
6. Go Off (feat. Fernie & Chris Batson)

1. Mashell, GROC
2. Mashell
3. Mashell, Al Cress
4. Mashell, Quinten “Q” Coblentz
5. Mashell, Al Cress
6. Mashell, Al Cress


Source: SOHH PR

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