The Eccentric Sheep Musings: The Top 3 Lies Of Suicide

The Eccentric Sheep Musings: The Top 3 Lies Of Suicide

September 10th is World Suicide Prevention Day.  Suicide has been a topic in the news this year with the deaths of musicians like Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington.  It’s hard for some to understand how someone who seems like they have everything would take their life, or even anyone with loving friends and family…how did they get to that point?

If you’ve ever had suicidal thoughts…you probably know how they got to that point.  The problem is, when it really comes down to it and those suicidal thoughts are raging…sometimes there is no person and no thing on earth that is enough to overcome the lies that infect our minds in those dark times.  Very powerful lies that bring us to our knees that make even the richest people on earth feel hopeless enough to take their life.

What are these lies?  I’m about to tell you what I think are the top 3 lies that can lead anyone of any walk of life to ending their life if they believe them.  I know these lies well because I still struggle with them.

#3 I am hopeless.

When I look up the definition of hope, to me it basically means there is something ahead worth reaching for and continuing towards.  There is a light ahead; even if it is distant, it is there.  So, if you believe you are hopeless, that means that you don’t see anything ahead worth reaching for.  There is nothing ahead of you that you see that makes continuing here worth it.

I don’t think it always comes down to what the person already has because many people have friends and family that theoretically should be enough to keep going.  I think it comes down to most of the time that the person doesn’t see an end to their pain in the future.  When you have depression and anxiety and you are in the thick of it and don’t see any end in sight to it, that my friends feels very hopeless.

I can’t tell you how many times I have told God, “I CAN’T KEEP GOING ON THIS WAY!”

If you don’t see an end to your pain in the future, it makes staying here difficult sometimes.

However, God has promised an end to all pain.  God has promised those who believe in him a home in heaven one day where…listen to this…PAIN WILL NOT EXIST.  Can you imagine pain not existing?  All you must do is see this life through.  This life is so short compared to eternity.  Seeing this blink of an eye through for an eternity without pain is worth it!  And because God’s promises are forever, you can count on this promise.  It’s better than hope because it will be fulfilled.  So even if you suffer from birth until death, you have this hope…this light worth reaching for.

Therefore…YOU CAN NEVER BE HOPELESS.  #3 is a lie.

#2 I am worthless.

We have the biggest proof of our worth in the death of Jesus on the cross, yet we still struggle with this?  Why?!?!

I think it has to do with our worth as determined by the world.  This is because according to the world, there is never enough.  Contentment doesn’t really exist.  It’s always about what’s next and getting more.  There is never enough money.  There is never enough good things of enjoyment.  There is never enough high moments of ecstasy tied to huge events.  The world has a tendency to leave you feeling lacking.  You can have everything and still feel like something is missing.

We become complete when we find God.  God is the missing piece, and he’s the only missing piece.  There is nothing on heaven and earth that can complete you like God can.  However, some of us still think we are empty and go searching to fill holes.  We use things of the earth to fill it, and some of those things are addictive.  Those things of the earth only create holes though.  The farther you go into addiction thinking you are filling a hole with more and more things…the deeper the hole inside you gets.

We compare ourselves to each other too much, and what we see to determine our comparison isn’t real.  What we see in the media and magazines isn’t real, and what our own friends post on social media to put out to the world what their life is like isn’t always real.

When there is never enough of anything, you don’t think you’ve done enough good or accomplished enough, and its even worse when you start comparing to others…that’s where worthlessness can come in.  I haven’t even touched on when you just grow up being told your worthless or treated in ways to make you think you are worthless…because sometimes the lies hit you right in the face from sources you never expected.

The thing is…. we are the ONLY valuable thing on earth!  Every single one of us is worth more than all the wealth of the world!  It’s not based on what we’ve accomplished or how beautiful or talented we are.  It’s not based on anything of this world…that also means nothing of this world can take it away.  Even you, you can say you are worthless and your worth remains for all eternity.

Your worth comes from God, therefore no force on heaven or earth can stand against God and take that worth away.  You are worth everything because God said so.  God knew EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU when he said it, so nothing you do changes that.  God’s words are forever and will remain when this earth is gone.  Therefore, you will always be worth more than anything on earth.

When God decides this world is done, and it’s time for to go to our forever home, he’s not taking all the gold and jewels with him.  He’s not taking all the cars and houses with him.  Nope, he’s just taking us with him.  The rest of the world is going to burn because all he wants is us.

So, if God considers you worth more than anything on earth no matter what you do because your worth was determined long before your birth…. YOU CAN NEVER BE WORTHLESS.  #2 is a lie.

#1 Everyone is better off without me.

This is it.  This is the lie that can take ANYONE down.  All walks of life rich or poor, famous or not famous, family or no family.  No matter how many people love you or how many people have told you how much you mean to them…. if you think they are better off without you, their love can’t stop you from taking your life because you think you are doing them a favor by leaving this world.

Where does it come from?  I think it’s a conclusion that comes from the previous 2 lies and that feeling of being a burden that comes with struggling with physical and mental issues.

The thing is, if you are still here it’s because you are supposed to be here.  We would be worse off without you if you left us before your task on earth was done.  You have a mission on earth that only you can do, and God has already chosen a time for you to leave us when that mission is completed.

I tried to kill myself in November of 2000.  17 years ago, I COULD HAVE BEEN GONE 17 YEARS AGO.  If I had left this earth when I chose instead of when God chooses, so many things wouldn’t have happened.  A large portion of my poetry wouldn’t exist.  My photography art wouldn’t exist.  My outreach blogs wouldn’t exist.  Those hundreds of messages wouldn’t have gotten sent.  All those random ramblings wouldn’t have been written.  I wouldn’t have gone to college and met all the people I met because I went to college there.  I wouldn’t have found Christian rock and bands like Disciple and The Protest.

I wouldn’t be here writing this for you.  I still struggle with this lie.  I believe it’s a hard one to get rid of once you let it in your head.

Maybe you have a tough time saying, “I want to live.”  Maybe you say, “I wish I was dead,” more often.  It’s okay, I still can’t say the words, “I want to live,” so you’re not alone.

What do you do though?  How do you keep living?  I think it takes a big leap of faith to keep going and believe you are full of infinite hope and worth even if you can’t feel it right now.  It might take a little faith to keep going and believe you have a purpose here still because God hasn’t said it’s time to go yet.

What has faith taught us?  Just because we can’t see something doesn’t mean it’s not real.  That means this hope and worth is real even if we can’t see it.  That means we are still needed here even if we can’t see it.

Therefore, because each one of us is unique and has a unique purpose only we can fulfill for God, #1 is a lie because you are the rarest beauty on earth that will leave a significant void when you leave us, and more people than you think will be left hurting and aching by that void you leave.

We don’t want to go on without you.