Change & Datin's Son Shine is a rallying cry to receive grace in our lives

Change & Datin’s “Son Shine” is a rallying cry to receive grace in our lives

Life is hard. We all know it, and anyone who’s experienced it beyond a few years would agree. We make mistakes, and we often do or say things that make life even harder for us at times. “Son Shine” is a reflection of that, and the emotional ups and downs that come along with those poor choices at times in life. The good news is, we’re given grace for those mistakes, and “Son Shine” is a rallying cry to receive grace in our lives.

Change shares, “I knew I wanted Datin on this song as soon as Cephas sent me the beat. I knew it would give us the chance to vibe off something we’ve talked about for years, and we’ve often held each other up through. That’s my mans, and I knew this would be perfect for us to cook on this topic.

With a powerful chorus and transparent lyricism that almost anyone can relate to, “Son Shine” is the type of song you put on during a rough morning while driving to work, or coming home from a long day at school, etc… It’s a great way to lift your outlook, and know that you aren’t alone in your situation, whatever it may be.

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