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Band of Brothers XD Out Deliver A “Better Day” With New Album

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XD Out is a rock band of two brothers, Chris and Josh Haynes.  They live on opposite sides of the country, but have come together to make this record entitled Better Day, and it certainly is a worthwhile effort.

“I’ll Know” starts things off, singing of the power of God’s presence being so real in our lives that we will know when He reaches out to us, and when He comes for us.  The song has a strong beginning, the guitars playing a solid rhythm over a steady drumbeat before things are kicked up a notch with even more energy.  “Born Again,” a song about the power of a personal relationship with Christ to completely change one’s life, has a bit of a classic rock flavor, especially with an engaging guitar solo thrown in for good measure.

“Break Me” takes things a step further with even heavier guitar riffs and some cool vocal effects.  This song asks God to break us of our sinful natures and make us more like Him.  “Everything” has a more radio friendly feel to it (there’s even a radio-edit version of the song included at the end of the record), and confesses that Christ is our everything, our saving grace, our love in a world full of hate.

Chris and Josh bring back the rock with “Just One Way,” starting with a rather impressive guitar riff that is repeated throughout the song.  During the second verse, the guitar and bass take turns being at the forefront.  The drums provide a solid backbeat, allowing the guitar and bass to do their thing.  “Just One Way” boldly declares that there is just one way to have eternal life.  The guitar riffs give this song some forward momentum, making it one of the most exciting tracks on the record.  Title track “Better Day” is another exciting one, singing of God’s love, and its power to provide us with a better day than we might have on our own.

Overall this is a rather good rock record, filled with positive and encouraging lyrics; however, it is lacking that certain something to make it a truly great record.  It is definitely well worth checking out though, and would be a fine addition to any rock collection.

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