“Parallel Kingdom” is the first Fleshkiller single from the new full length “Awaken.”

This song sets the pace musically for the upcoming full length, while Ole Børud’s lyrics reflect on experiencing the Kingdom of God as a parallel kingdom through the spirit.

Preorder at Facedown Records.

We are so excited to welcome Fleshkiller to the Facedown family for the North American release of their debut album “Awaken” which mixes old school death metal with rich harmonic prog fusion.
Facedown fans will recognize Fleshkiller guitarists/vocalists Ole Børud and Elisha Mullins from Extol and The Burial respectively. “Awaken” was mixed by Facedown’s own Jack C Daniels (War of Ages, Hope for the Dying), so there are plenty of reasons to get hyped about this new release!

Preorder the new Fleshkiller full length “Awaken” in digital, CD, and vinyl format; or make it a bundle and get these incredible new shirt designs by Dave Quiggle.


Source: Facedown Records

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