JesusWired Exclusive Premiere: Tom Golly - Lead Me

JesusWired Exclusive Video Premiere: Tom Golly – Lead Me

We’re delighted to bring to you today the exclusive premiere of Tom Golly’s new music video for “Lead Me.” So, without further ado, here it is…

Tom shared with us the meaning behind the song, “The song “Lead Me” is a glimpse of 2 sides of approaching the same prayer. As much of the time for me when I was in prayer early in my walk I found myself often RESORTING to letting God lead and feeling like a complete and utter failure the more I dove into the word. Being the competitive person that I am, falling short is a tough pill to swallow. I think many like me having to surrender to the Lord’s lead was often difficult and with a spirit of brokenness.

Eventually after more and more seeking by the Grace of God and through the power of the Holy Spirit I have come to a place of understanding and almost joy that it is totally OK to truly not understand how it is that God sees me at times and, if I keep my eyes fixed on him and in his word, He will reveal it to me and that NEEDING God to lead me is nothing to feel shame in, but more excitement because if you follow the Lord’s lead how can we lose? So on one side, we often come to that place of asking for the Lord’s lead in a somber, sad tone, and on the other side we can also come to that place of asking for the Lord’s lead with celebration and joy because we do not need to be ashamed when we don’t quite understand. Also coming to the place where we know we can not do it without the Lord’s lead is a place of wisdom and it’s worth rejoicing over!”

Please be sure to let us know what you think of the video in the comments below and to share this article with anyone you think needs to hear this song. “Lead Me” appears on Tom Golly’s Not Going Back album which can bought below.

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