Relentless Flood’s third new album is in the works but they need your help to finish it off. There are just 6 days left on the band’s indiegogo campaign, and still a way to go to the goal, so head on over to the campaign page below and help the band out by either backing the project, sharing it with your friends, praying for it or even all three!

The band’s campaign overview:
We are so ready for you guys to hear what we’ve been working on and the journey starts right here. Although the album is in progress already, we need your help to get it finished and in your hands. As in the past, we are tracking with our long-time friend Jamie King at The Basement Studios and are excited to bring in Jake Jones (As We Ascend, We As Human, Jake Jones Productions) to give you guys our best music yet! If you help us out with this endeavor, you will not walk away empty-handed!

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