Many people experience seasons of brokenness. Gospel artist Jay Allen understands what it’s like to be broken. Inspired by his own challenging experiences, Jay Allen recently released his debut EP called Broken People. Through his music, the minister and former pastor desires to heal those who have been victimized by life. The new project features the title tune, a song that has been uplifting believers since its release in 2016. Broken People is available now through digital music retailers such as iTunes, Amazon and Google Play. Now the artist is prepping the release of the single’s concept music video which will debut on the artist’s website, on Friday, August 18, 2017.

The music video highlights the struggles that many encounter in life. Allen wants those who view the video to understand that God can use anyone, despite their past or current hang-ups. “Broken People”, a smooth, relaxing cut, is filled with inspiration, dripping with soul. It’s a song that came to the songwriter after a very troubling time in his life. In the process of accepting his own brokenness, he reached out to God. In turn, God gave him healing through a song. The track’s lyrics speak of the singer’s feelings of unworthiness but as he sings, he realizes that God is still able to use him. It’s a message that will resonate with many who have been in similar situations.

Produced by Tre’ Corley, the project showcases the spirited vocals and the dynamic songwriting of the new artist. In addition to the track “Broken People”, many will enjoy the praise and worship-tinged song, “More and More.” Other memorable tracks include the Resurrection-themed “He Didn’t Come Down” and the pensive, emotive “Hiding From You.” Allen’s transparency is apparent on the powerful song, “Real To Me”.

Born in Cleveland, Ohio, and raised in Alabama, Jay Allen was drawn to music from the very beginning. His grandparents were singers and his grandfather was a member of a Gospel quartet. His grandfather took him on the road and Jay got a taste of what the music business was like. Family members and other people saw the musical talent in him and encouraged him to sing and learn instruments such as piano, guitar, drums and trumpet. His siblings were gifted as well and during the summertime, he and his brothers and sisters sang with brooms and mops, pretending they were the Jackson 5. Later on, he joined a church choir and became popular as a wedding singer; he also later joined a band. Now he’s focused on what God is giving him to say through music and he’s determined to share the message of healing that he’s been given. For more information on Jay Allen, log on to Connect with him on Facebook and Instagram.


Source: Tehillah Enterprises

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