I know a lot of people sighed at that word because they feel the same thing I do when they think of it.  I know many of you stand beside me every day fighting this same fight.  This fight we are in together.

So whether you are facing a long term depression right now or you are unstable and bouncing around between depressed and manic, there is one big key to fighting against this heavy weight of despair.  I must give a warning though, you might not like it.

The key to this fight is going against everything your mind is telling you right now.

This means you have to fight what feels like a steep uphill battle.  Well it’s more of the illusion of an uphill battle because of all the lies our brain is telling us during a depression.  You have to fight the lies.

This means that you have to get keep getting up in the morning when your mind says stay in bed and skip work or school.  It’s going to be hard I know, but you have to keep going.

This means that you have to keep yourself around the people you have enjoyed the company of before, even if you just want to push them away now.  Keep yourself surrounded by those that love you no matter how hard it is to resist isolating yourself.

This means that you have to keep doing all those things that once made you smile.  I promise you that they will make you smile again soon.  Don’t give them up.

This means that you have to keep going, keep up the fight, and keep living even when you mind is screaming at you to lay down, give up, and die.

This means that you will have to keep telling yourself that God’s promises still stand forever and that he is right there at your side right now…even when your are feeling like perhaps he has abandoned you to the darkness this time.

This means you have to keep reading those words he wrote for us.  You have to keep talking to him.  Even if all you can say if you feel awful, just talk to him.  He’s on the edge of his seat waiting for you to seek him.  He’s ready to respond right now.

The thing that has always helped me the most is turning my focus to helping someone else.  Personally there is nothing on earth that will snap me out of the selfish feelings of depression than seeing someone else in pain because I immediately start thinking, “What can I do to take that away from them? I would do anything to keep them from feeling this way too!”

That’s why I’m sitting here right now, writing this out for you.

So if you are in beside me in battle right now, that is the best advice I can give you.  The key to fighting depression is to just keep going….to keep fighting…to not give up.  No matter how hard it is, keep going against those lies it is telling you right now. You’ve got this!



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  1. Iain Moss

    Absolutely brilliant article! Spoke to my soul a lot, thank you!


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