Silversyde Has Just A Few Days Left On Their Indiegogo Campaign

Silversyde, who recently toured with bands such as Seventh Day Slumber and Ashes Remain on the Small Town America Tour last fall, is seeking to raise funds for a new album via an Indiegogo campaign.  There is only 9 days left and they have a long way to go to their goal so could do with your help. If you can’t help by financially backing it, you can still help the band by sharing the campaign/this article and praying for them.

YOU, our listeners can be passionate about the music we create because we are passionate about it! You can get behind this project because we’ve gotten behind it, and we have given everything we have to make sure that our albums get into the hands of those drowning in self image issues, to those who are struggling with seeing their self worth, or who have been bullied so much that they are blinded by their own anger, or have turned to self-harm as a way to release their pain.  To those who just lost a parent and are in a pain so real it’s suffocating them. These are the broken, the ones our music is designed and crafted for…

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