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Spoken word artist Egypt Speaks is back with yet another incredibly insightful record. Letters and Scars encapsulates the struggles of many different facets of life, and seeks to visit the old feelings in hopes of bringing about healing.

The introductory track, titled “Dear Listener,” sets the scene for the journey ahead. It is by digging up the past memories and revisiting the letters that caused our scars that we can begin the journey towards healing. The first letter read is one addressed to scars. Even though these scars mar the skin and indicate damage, they are proof that the wounds have healed and carry their own unique sort of beauty.

Egypt then goes on to address parenthood, and the seemingly insurmountable task of protecting an innocent little being from the weight of the world. She wrestles with the importance of this responsibility, while recognizing that children are a gift from God, and allow us a glimpse of how He sees us. This record also includes a letter to awkwardness, a bit of a light-hearted moment amidst the explorations of the dark corners of the heart. This letter laments the embarrassing moments caused by awkwardness, but also embraces the individuality and strength that comes from those moments.

“Dear Masked Ones” is a rather powerful letter, confessing the heartbreaking realization that the life of anonymity promised by wearing a mask has not provided the freedom it seemed to offer.  “Just make sure to draw a line on the floor / So that the next time we think we can fly / We’ll see it and remember why / We don’t try anymore.”  Wearing a mask can seem like a good option to avoid the pain, but it ultimately leads to a life of confinement.  There are also letters to thoughts and depression, addressing the internal battle that is waged within our own mind.

“Dear Words” is an ode of sorts to the most fundamental element of communication, whether it be expressing oneself through poetry or using words to tear someone down.  Words have incredible power for both good and bad, and Egypt eloquently explores these possibilities.  We all dream of a simpler time when our childlike faith led us to embrace an intimate relationship with our Heavenly Father, and “Dear God” is a heartfelt letter that conveys that longing to return to that close relationship and make more memories with God.

The record wraps up with a post-script, “Dear Mr. Mail Man.”  This letter ends the record on a positive note, Egypt thanking her dedicated mail man for delivering her many letters and stories to the world.  She concludes that if she wants the message of her stories to spread beyond her doorstep, she has to be the one to carry it on, joining the ranks of the dedicated mail carriers.

Letters and Scars is an excellent offering from the talented Egypt.  She touches on so many different aspects of life, and so many different experiences and things people may struggle with as they travel along their journey.  Egypt seeks to face all of these issues head on, and in doing so, helps all who listen begin to find healing from their own past.

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