Here’s one more poem.  Since the previous poem was a lot older, this time I will give a newer one.

This one is about feeling like one has done too much wrong to be God’s child.  It’s about feeling like there is no way one could be a part of the light because of everything you’ve done.  It’s about not feeling God there in those dark times.  Its about the fact that you are never too far gone for God to come find you and seek you.  You are never too far gone for God to come to you where you are and love you and want you with him in his presence forever after this world.  You are never too far gone for your life to have been worth dying for on that cross.

“13 For he has rescued us from the dominion of darkness and brought us into the kingdom of the Son he loves, 14 in whom we have redemption, the forgiveness of sins.” Colossians 1:13-14

Is There Any Light Here? (written 4-12-2016)

Is there any light here at all?
Or is it all darkness?

Would the light even dare come near me?
Could it cross the vast fields
of thorns and broken glass?
Could it wade through the rivers of tears?
Could it even find its way,
through this labyrinth of woe,
covered in a heavy blackness
with every step?

Could the light even find me?
Would the light even want to find me?

To be light
means to be exposed
Is there even a chance
I could be considered light as well
after all of this is exposed?
Would anyone even see me as light?

Maybe I could be light.
It even came all this way.
Shredding its feet on the glass and thorns,
and leaving a trail of blood in the river of tears
Never giving up along the way,
until it found its way through the blackness,
until it found me.

It told me it wasn’t leaving
until it found me.
Because I was worth bleeding for,
and I was worth dying for,
and I was worth saving
from the blackness.

It told me that its light,
can overcome and destroy
any darkness in its path,
that wherever it goes and stays
only light remains

So while it is here with me,
there can not be darkness


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