G12 Worship Drops New Single Title ‘Blood Of Jesus’

G12 Worship is pleased to announce their new single release of “Blood Of Jesus”.  Recorded and produced by Anthony Catacoli, the worshipful anthem is a declaration to the world that the blood of Jesus heals and saves lives.  A truly inspirational piece of art by the worship team emerging out of G12 churches in the USA.

The depth and dimension of the team continues to go deeper in articulating our soul’s deepest desires for God and His Kingdom.  The contemplative ballad mixed with the elongated beats, is a plus considering that Luke Page and Jocelin Dova’s voices have the versatility to convey both vulnerability and strength conterminously.

The team goes deep to explore and express an array of emotions before God through their engaging and passionate delivery.  Worship leaders will do well to take note of tracks that are bound to be the soundtracks of the worship of countless churches in a matter of time.

I believe that God has saved the best until now, and the greatest worship songs are yet to be sung by the church around the world.” – Luke Page

G12 Worship’s aim is part of the G12 Vision which is to form disciples with a Christ-like character who in turn will ‘go and make disciples’ as commanded by Jesus. Through prayer, encounters with God, teaching, support and encouragement, disciples are then encouraged to also to go and make disciples of all nations.

The single is available for download now – link below.


Source: DREAM Records

Buy “Blood Of Jesus” on iTunes here

For more information about G12 Worship visit their website: G12Worship.com.

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