Konata Small of Rhema Soul has a new single, “Numbers”, to share ahead of his upcoming solo release titled Est. 1997.

In “Numbers”, Konata describes all the numbers that surrounded him as he grew up in NYC. These numbers are unique to him and describe his personal experiences. He raps about how his father left him and his family at the age of 3 and how his mother worked 2 jobs to provide for them. He also shares the heartbreaking story of being robbed on Christmas eve and having no presents at 6 years old. Yet in despite of all the struggle and heartache early on in Konata’s life he found and turned to God. And through God he was able to rise from those circumstances and live a happy and fulfilling life.

Konata Small’s debut EP Est. 1997 will be available early 2017 on Good City Music.


About Konata Small
Konata Small is a hip-hop artist born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. After working with his group Rhema Soul, Konata had a desire to take the opportunity to release some solo work and share more of his voice. Growing up in a single parent home, he was taught at a very early age what it was to take care of his family. His passion for music was an integral part of his early years. His parents made sure he knew of his Jamaican roots. Growing up in Brooklyn opened the door for him to experience hip hop culture daily. Once he moved to South Florida, where he now resides, it opened him up to a new sound of music, culture and people. His music with Rhema Soul has been heard on SHOWTIME’s hit TV series Shameless, VH1, BET, Fuse.

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