Don Cephas Releases Untitled Music Video

Don Cephas has released his first visual from his recent album ACT 20: A Cantata in the Twentieth. Check out the “Untitled” music video above.

Featuring a massive 24 tracks, ACT 20: A Cantata in the Twentieth is the soul relaxing background music you’ve been waiting for.

One of the album’s 24 tracks is the single “Caught (You Got Me)” – Don Cephas had this to say about the song, “The single “Caught (You Got Me)” reflects finally getting to Experience what it means and what it feels like to be Caught Up in that Love of The Father and The Messiah that I’ve always heard about. Growing up I never could quite understand or appreciate fully the notion of seeing others who were so in Love with The Father and The Son. I knew we were supposed to Love GOD and that He Loved us back but I never knew what that felt like until He broke me in half. We often fear the discipline of The Father because none of us like pain or uncomfortability. But had it not been for the breaking I would not have known This Love. And because of this necessary crushing to humble me and lead me to Godly repentance, I now can echo in full confidence the words that The Holy Scriptures declare “For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor other heavenly rulers, neither what exists nor what is coming, neither powers above nor powers below, nor any other created thing will be able to separate us from the love of God which comes to us through the Messiah Yeshua, our Lord.” The single can be heard below.

Don Cephas has countlessly stated that the mission is simple: to point hearts and people back to The Father. Don Cephas has put together an eclectic piece of work that is unlike anything he has ever done before and that he calls “Totally Inspired and Breathed on by The Father”. ACT 20: A Cantata in the Twentieth is available now.

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NB. Putting professionalism to the side for a brief moment, this album is hauntingly beautiful and a stunning piece of art. It will have gone under the radar for many music fans which is a tragedy. Change that ASAP, it makes for great attentive listening/meditation and great background music as you work.