Jesse Hardiek Announces His Departure from The Protest

Jesse Hardiek, bassist for The Protest, recently announced that he is leaving the band.  You can read his farewell message below.

Hello all,

First off I’d like to say thank you to all of you. Thanks for providing The Protest and myself with what has been a record 2 years. We’ve seen both coasts (East multiple times) and traveled overseas for our very first time. There were lots of “firsts” for me in my career and the band’s. We made it through some tough breakdowns (emotionally and vehicularly…It’s a word look it up), and lived to tell the tell all because of our Lord and Savior and because of YOU guys!

All of this being said, this is where my chapter in The Protest comes to an end. With what will be an incredible album on the horizon for the band and the turn of the new year there has been some major work being done in my heart about what my next move is in terms of my personal career and the band’s.

This Saturday will be my final show with them and my last time on stage for the forseeable future. It’s free and for a great cause, so I’d love to see you all there for what will be an awesome show.

Thanks all for your love and support.

-Jesse Hardiek
The Outlaw

The Protest is working on a new album, due to be released this year.

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