2016 was an awesome year for music. It was difficult for me to narrow down what albums I wanted to include on this list, so I tried to blend the best of all the genres I listen to. Here are my favorite albums of 2016.

10. Chris Quilala – Split the Sky

9. Tauren Wells – Undefeated

8. Marty – Marty for President

7. Consumed by Fire – Giving Over

6. Disciple – Long Live the Rebels

5. Fit for a King – Deathgrip

4. Jordan Feliz – The River

3. NF – Therapy Session

2. Relient K – Air For Free

1. Switchfoot – Where the Light Shines Through

Honorable Mention: The Lasting Hope – Vandals

Shameless plug. The band I’m in, The Lasting Hope, had a release this year as well, so I have to include it on my list, right? This project was a huge part of my 2016. We grew a lot from our previous release and have grown even more since releasing Vandals.

About The Author

Craig Banister is a marketing professional living in Nashville, Tennessee with his wife and Miniature Australian Shepherd. He has a passion for ministry and previously toured with The Lasting Hope for seven years sharing the gospel at music festivals, schools, camps, and more. He also has experience working in Christian radio connecting with listeners and promoting events. Craig loves music, writing, food, and traveling. In his free time, Craig enjoys reading books and catching up on the latest Netflix entertainment.

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