Craig’s Corner: Top 10 Albums of 2016

2016 was an awesome year for music. It was difficult for me to narrow down what albums I wanted to include on this list, so I tried to blend the best of all the genres I listen to. Here are my favorite albums of 2016.

10. Chris Quilala – Split the Sky

9. Tauren Wells – Undefeated

8. Marty – Marty for President

7. Consumed by Fire – Giving Over

6. Disciple – Long Live the Rebels

5. Fit for a King – Deathgrip

4. Jordan Feliz – The River

3. NF – Therapy Session

2. Relient K – Air For Free

1. Switchfoot – Where the Light Shines Through

Honorable Mention: The Lasting Hope – Vandals

Shameless plug. The band I’m in, The Lasting Hope, had a release this year as well, so I have to include it on my list, right? This project was a huge part of my 2016. We grew a lot from our previous release and have grown even more since releasing Vandals.