There are many burdens in this life that can drag us down, but as it says in the book of Isaiah, those who put their trust in the Lord will be lifted up on wings like eagles. He will renew their strength and carry them through any trial. So when you are feeling down, turn to God and He will lift you up (as the old-school Audio Adrenaline once reminded us). Check out this fun song, and have a blessed week, friends!

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Stephanie hails from the Pittsburgh, PA area, and is an avid Steelers fan. Her life’s passion is music (especially Christian rock) and helping to promote her favorite bands. She strongly believes in the power of music to share the message of the Gospel and to impact lives, and wants to make sure others have the opportunity to experience that. Stephanie’s favorites bands are Disciple and The Protest, and her hobbies include concert-going, playing alto sax in a jazz band, and underwater basket weaving.

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