Bread of Stone Release Creative I’m Not Afraid Lyric Video

Bread of Stone unleashes another form of creativity with the release of their latest lyric video for their current radio single, “I’m Not Afraid.” The lyric video, which took months to make, can be watched above.

“I’m Not Afraid” speaks to our response in the midst of a culture that runs rampant with fear. There seems to be a new tragedy that occurs every week in the US and is discussed and broken down on every news outlet in the world. Opinions are shared every moment of every day on social media. We know what we are called to do but we are often paralyzed with fear. Everyone who is afraid needs some motivation to press on. This is their anthem.

“I’m Not Afraid” appears on Bread of Stone’s latest album Hold The Light which released Summer 2016.

If you missed the band’s music video for “The Change” off the album featuring rapper Beacon Light that video can be seen below.

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