Faith In Heels: 2017, I am so ready for you

We as men, women, the human race, mankind, need to just take a minute and STOP. Stop trying to control our lives, well really stop trying to control everything. We do not have that power. I promise you, we DON’T! If we try, we will continue to fail and be disappointed. God is in control of ALL things. His timing is impeccable, seriously. After my last post “Stay and Wait”, God has showed me so many things. Unexpected things. Things I didn’t know that I wanted and opportunities I didn’t know I could have. We have to seriously trust and be obedient to what he says to us. If we don’t, we won’t live the fulfilling life He has planned for us. And we could potentially miss out on REALLY great things.

He gets our attention in more ways than one. Trust me! Every time we think that we get a sign from Him or that He’s trying to grasp our focus, He probably is. With the New year right around the corner, I’ve been thinking a lot about the changes I want to make. I know some people don’t believe in the cliché saying, “New Years resolution” but I don’t find anything wrong with it. It’s great to set goals for yourself and make positive changes in your life. I am all about that.

My 2017 resolution is to solely rely on God for all things and to stop thinking that I am in control. I know that I am not, but subconsciously I believe the opposite at times and I still struggle with this. Every time I think that I am control, God comes in and proves me wrong. I want to trust Him whole heartedly. I want to follow his instructions and go off of his timing, believing that He knows what’s best for me. 2017 is the year for me to be a better me. A much more Godly woman. A woman that loves like Jesus loved. Believes in people like Jesus did. And speak truth and life into people the way He did. I want to be completely fulfilled in every way possible by the Lord and not let earthly things interfere with that. So,I guess you can say that it’s like another surrender, just like when I gave my life to Him 2 years ago. I’m surrendering again. I want to go even deeper in my relationship with the Lord.

Lord, I pray that you spark a new found commitment and love in me, like a firework. I pray that on our journey together, we grow closer and go deeper where I confide in You about ALL things and trust in you with EVERYTHING that I have.

2017 I’m so ready for you. I’m ready for whatever you have coming my way because with God by my side, I can do anything.

Love & Blessings,

Lauren Burrows