Sunday Encouragement – 12/18/2016

How incredible is it that someone who had such a humble beginning, being born in a place where lowly sheep and oxen rest, would become the Savior of the world? It was just a quiet, sleepy night in Bethlehem, when the greatest moment in all of history occurred, and the first people to find out about it were the shepherds. One would think that a moment like this should be shouted from the rooftops, and announced to kings and royalty! But that’s the great thing about it – Jesus came as just one of us, making it so easy to relate to Him. If you think about it, He’s just our older brother who paved the way for us to be able to approach the Father. Let the wonder of that first Christmas inspire and comfort you this Christmas season. Here is an awesome song that sums all this up quite wonderfully. Have a blessed week, friends!

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