The Eccentric Sheep Musings: The Most Valuable Thing on Earth

What do you find valuable?  Obviously money has value.  The things we own have various levels of value.  Maybe you have a few choice concert mementos like autographs and guitar picks that were tossed your way that are especially valuable.  There are certain autographs out there that have been deemed more valuable than others for sure.

However, our standards of worth don’t really give anything worth.  They only have worth because we decided it had worth.  We can take that worth away in a moment if someone displeases us and we don’t desire their autograph anymore.  If the right events happened our money could become worthless in a short time.  Everything we consider valuable could lose its value at any time because of the fickle nature of this world. 

Do you know what God finds valuable?  When it’s time for this world to be over, what do you think He wants to take with Him to Heaven forever?  He’s not taking all that money and wealth with him.  He’s not taking all those autographed guitars and sports memorabilia with him.  He’s not taking those expensive shoes and purses with him.  He’s not taking the latest phones and technology with him.

All God wants is YOU.  Jesus is coming back for us, and the rest of the world is going to burn.  All God wants is us.  We are the only thing God finds valuable enough to take with Him to eternity.

You know, God can create whatever he wants.  He can create infinite amounts of universes with amazing worlds and beautiful sights.  What God REALLY wants though is you.  He can have anything He wants, and all He wants is you.  

Therefore life is the most valuable thing on earth.  YOU are the most valuable thing on earth.  There is nothing on earth more valuable than your life.  There is no one or nothing on earth that can take away your value because it was given to you by God, and what God gives, no man can take away. 

I tell you the truth; I could roam the entire earth gathering all the best wealth and riches this earth has to offer.  I could come back to you and lay it at your feet, and what I bring to you would never compare to the value your precious life has.  

I say all this, and I know many of you don’t believe me.  It’s okay; I have a hard time believing it too.  Just keep reminding yourself of this.  Keep telling yourself that God sent Jesus to die for you because you are so valuable to Him that He would move Heaven and earth to have you home with him.  Keep telling yourself that nothing on earth including yourself can deem you worthless because God had given you value. 

So when the world clutches to the worthless and throws away the valuable, do not follow those ways.  Life is what has value because all God wants in the end is you.