Faith In Heels: Stay and Wait

In the past few weeks, I have been in a season of confusion and doubt and I’ve been really struggling with hearing God’s voice in the midst of it all. In times like this, I cry out to the Lord and pray that He will speak to me promptly and clearly, but of course God has His own timing. I found myself getting aggravated with God. “Why won’t He answer me? Why won’t He help me?”, I would say. But deep down inside, I know there was and is a bigger picture and regardless of what happens, God has my back and is going to guide me whether I see it right this very moment or not.

Yesterday at our church service, I was really moved. It was a Sunday where I wasn’t feeling like myself, my spirit and energy were low, and instead of being part of the worship team, I sat this one out. I was praying that God would speak to me in the message that was being delivered. Low and behold, He never ceases to surprise us. God spoke to me yesterday. Our pastor did something different this week. When closing service, he gave us a minute to just sit in silence and really communicate with God. Taking the moment to just listen for His voice and see what He says. This was probably the only time this has ever happened or that I can remember where God spoke so clearly to me.

I asked, “What should I do about my situation Lord? What do I do about the things I love and dream about? How can those come to fruition in my circumstances now? Am I doing what you have called me to do?” In that very moment, the Lord said to me “Stay and Wait”. Those sound like the most simple words, don’t they? But for me, they hold so much weight and significance. In that very moment, His words pierced me like a double edged sword, but instead of pain, it brought so much hope. God knows when we are struggling and He knows exactly what our circumstances are. He sees it all, even when we feel like he isn’t watching. God tells us to be patient and to hold onto faith. Keep trusting Him because he WILL provide. He WILL show us the way and he WILL guide us to where we need to go.

When I left service, I realized that I don’t make time to just sit in silence and carefully listen to hear God’s words for me. He always has something to tell us. He wants to speak life into us. He wants us to trust his very words. I have to keep faithful and hold tight to the very message He gave me. I must stay and wait for further instructions from the Father. Right now, I am where He wants me to be. When the time comes to move on or walk in another direction, He will instruct me to. There is more for me to learn, there are more mountains for me to overcome, and there is room for me to grow in life.

I keep replaying His very words in my head, “Stay and wait”.

Being patient is hard in today’s world where we are forced to rush, are bombarded with deadlines and always have to be on the go. But the most peaceful and humbling thing we can do is stop, stay where we are and wait to hear the voice of God.

Patience is something that is talked about a number of times in the bible. To be patient for the Lord, is something that should bring joy and promise. In Romans 8:25 it says “But if we hope for what we do not see, we wait for it with patience”. What we pray for before the Lord, is coming. It is coming in due time which is His time. God never forsakes us and He always hears us. Hold on to that promise.

Lord, I thank you for your message for me yesterday. It is what I so desperately needed to hear. Thank you for never letting me down and never failing me. Just when I think you don’t hear my prayers, you do. I love you and am so grateful for you. It is in your precious and holy name that I get to pray, Amen!

Love & Blessings,

Lauren Burrows XOXOXO