See The Rise Bid Farewell With Final Show Tonight In Minnesota

See The Rise announced back in October they were calling it quits and their final show would be taking place at a new venue ‘The Edge’ December 3rd. That, of course, is today’s date. So, if you have nothing planned in just over a couple of hours time, head along to bid the band a farewell. See The Rise will be playing songs from Exposures with the current band lineup, and some songs from their previous album The Theft with their old lineup. They will be supported on the night by our friends in Odds Of An Afterthought, as well as Sorakujira, Discord Curse, Revival, Lionsdale and Forgetting Charlie.

The farewell show is taking place at The Edge 621 115th ave Blaine MN.

Entry is $8 and every person who attends will get a free copy of their last album Exposures.

The Facebook event for the show can be seen here.

About Exposures
features ten intense hard rock tracks adorned with the searing vocals of band leader Josh Meyers, the melodic counterpoint vocals and guitar stylings of Brian Elliott, the savage guitar riffs of Jason Law, the rumbling thunder of bassist Andy Davis and the double bass-laden body blows of drummer Kyle Zahorski.

Often compared to contemporaries like Beartooth, Secrets and Memphis May Fire, the band’s band’s reputation in their home state of Minnesota and surrounding areas is well-known. Emily Eveland of City Pages dubbed the band “one of the top 10” bands in Minnesota and “a great match for a Warped Tour crowd.”

The full track listing includes:
1) 5:8
2) Exposures
3) Treasure
4) In Omnia Paratus
5) Second Chance
6) Self Portrait
7) Hope In The Storm
8) Proverbs 7
9) Spotlights
10) With You


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Additional personal note: I never got a chance to add a conclusion to my extensive review of Exposures. I’ll be finding time to add that in the next week or so, not least for closure, but also because this is an album hard rock/metal fans need to have in their personal catalogues, whether the band’s still active or not!