“The Resistance Melts Down” – Episode 3 of The Aetherlight – Launches Today

Fan-favorite The Aetherlight has launched Episode 3: The Resistance Melts Down today, December 1, 2016. Created by the New Zealand-based Scarlet City Studios, The Aetherlight is an online point-and-click adventure game series that has quickly established a loyal following with both tween players and their parents alike.

Building on the stories and characters from Episodes 1 and 2, The Resistance Melts Down continues The Aetherlight’s groundbreaking approach to retelling the epic stories of scripture through an exciting steampunk world filled with quests, puzzles, crafting and more.  The new trailer for Episode 3 can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0IDvsULgsG4

In this episode, Jefferson and the Resistance explore the vast tundra of the Snowmoors as they face the threat of a global catastrophe. Players will need all their courage and cleverness to uncover the secret of the Snowmoors while dealing with rogue automaton monsters, Academy Automicus agents and a cast of new characters that have their own plans.

The Companion Engines App sits alongside the game to provide Bible study activities that explore the stories, contexts and meanings of the Scriptures.  Through them, players are challenged to embrace the message of the Bible and find ways to incorporate it into their daily lives.

In addition, regular Parental emails help parents keep abreast of how their child is progressing in the game, offering great opportunities to discuss matters of faith and life in a way players can grasp and enjoy.  The creators of the game have also created Family and Player 15-day studies at the release of each episode on the YouVersion Bible app.  These devotional plans mirror with each episode and help players further engage in the scriptures that inspire the games.  Currently, just under 250,000,000 people have installed the YouVersion Bible App on their mobile devices.

Tim Cleary, Founding Worldbuilder from Scarlet City Studios, explains, ‘It’s amazing to see the response from our players and their families! These stories, taken from scripture and retold through our world of Aethasia, give young people an understanding of the bible they’d otherwise go without at this age. We set out to create a game experience that would retell the story of the Bible in a way that resonated with 21st century kids. That mission is far from over, but we are well on our way. Come and get lost in the Snowmoors!’

Rave reviews are pouring in from players.  From the online forum:

“I’ve played about 7 hours and I am totally hooked. Being a gamer and a Bible enthusiast, I had high hopes for this game when I ran into it while checking out the American Bible Society webpage. It did not disappoint!”

“…I am so grateful to Scarlet City, ABS, and Almighty God Himself for this colossal undertaking. I hope it spreads everywhere and continues indefinitely!”

“Thanks for the wonderful game, keep up the good work, and spread the message. We need more games like this that are family and kid friendly.”

“Please keep making episodes. We love this game!”

“I like the challenge, It’s not too easy a game which is great. Also the little mini quests make it more interesting. Great graphics and overall smooth scrolling. Well done!!”

The Aetherlight: The Resistance Melts Down is available today, December 1 at http://www.theaetherlight.com


About The Aetherlight: Chronicles of the Resistance

In The Aetherlight: Chronicles of the Resistance, players join the Resistance and work with the mysterious Scarlet Man against the evil Usurper. Puzzle, quest and craft your way through a fantastic steampunk world that is ruled by the self-proclaimed Emperor’s Automatons and smothered by the poisonous fog. Craft new weapons and equipment to help in the fight against the Automaton army. Explore the land of Aethasia in quests to restore what was stolen and corrupted when he seized control. Repower the Great Engines and help establish the Resistance as the hope of Aethasia. Work with your friends to uncover what happened to the Great Engineer. Fight in each other’s battles, share clues and tips to push back the fog in this role-playing adventure that puts you right in the middle of the Resistance’s fight for freedom.  http://www.theaetherlight.com


About Scarlet City Studios

Scarlet City Studios was established in 2012 with the sole intention of bridging the cultural, historical and pedagogical gap between the contemporary world of pre-teens and the world of the Bible by advancing biblical engagement through interactive media, learning frameworks and creative transmedia products. Scarlet City’s unique framework is based on the principles of faith, hope and love…telling great stories, nurturing genuine innovation and fostering real encounters. For more information, visit www.scarletcitystudios.com



Source: Biscuit Media Group

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